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Update: I got the official word. No gestational diabetes for me! Woo! Except that now I can just be annoyed that I had to take the test at all…

The test is over! I don’t know what the results are yet, but have been assured by a hot nurse friend that I shouldn’t worry, as I have exactly zero (0) of the risk factors. Also, I have a book that said that only 15% of the people who need to go in for this extra test actually have gestational diabetes, so I’m going to not worry. If it is positive, obviously I’ll deal with it then, but I have more important things to do than worry about it.

The test sucked though. I was starving, then once I went in and drank the nasty glucose drink I felt like I was going to puke (it was like morning sickness was back! hurrah!), then they drew my blood 4 times in 3 hours, then I left and went to Potbelly’s with my husband and ate a sandwich. After the sandwich, I felt far less like I was going to puke. And today I’m back to normal again.

However, in the 3 1/2 hours I was at the doctors office, I managed to get the 370 page book read for my office book club, plus 2 parenting-type magazines, and an ESPN The Magazine. I’m a fast reader, but that impressed even me.


I still haven’t gotten to the point where my rings are too tight to wear, though they have gotten substantially tighter. The bigger problem was at bowling this weekend (at which, like my brother-in-law, I had a hard time keeping in my squeals of glee that it was the last Bowling Sunday for a whole summer! Oh, sweet day of relief!). My thumb fit into my ball just fine, but my middle and ring fingers were having a really tough time slipping in and out smoothly. Granted, these are the holes in my ball that the pro shop made fun of when drilling them because they were so wee, but DAMMIT THEY FIT ME. Ahem.

This development made me a little concerned. I’m thinking I should take the rings off now, because having them cut off really sounds less than thrilling. However, what do I do about the fact that I look 16 (at the most. I’ve gotten 15 and 13 before as well)? I don’t like catering to other peoples’ faulty assumptions, but getting dirty “unwed teenage mother” looks isn’t fun either. Well, the baby magazine at the doctor’s office figured that out for me. Stretch rings! I’m a little upset about taking off my engagement ring, which I may love slightly more than is actually healthy, but hey — 3-ish months isn’t that bad.

Today I ordered this ring to stand in (for more choices and prices, go here). Hopefully it will do what it says it will — we’ll see.


This article pissed me off. The author concludes that since maternity fashions have become more form-fitting and less muumuu-ish, women are trying too hard to be like the movie stars and should really break the muumuus back out. Yeah, some people have no inhibitions and are skanky hos. However, many of us simply prefer wearing clothes that fit well and that don’t require us to do a personal inventory before getting on the escalator just in case some part of our jumper gets loose and is sucked in like a shoelace (is that an urban legend? The shoelace getting sucked into the escalator thing? Or just something that parents use to scare their kids into keeping their shoes tied?). Alternatively, some of us think that being pregnant isn’t something to be ashamed of, and so if someone notices through my t-shirt that my innie belly button is now an outie, what harm does that do?

I wonder what people like this would do if I told them that given the choice between nursing my baby in a dirty bathroom stall and potentially exposing a flash of skin to people who shouldn’t really be staring anyway, I’ll flash away? If there isn’t anything better to write a column about, maybe she needs to get out more.


The other day, I decided that I needed a little Moleskine notebook to keep in my purse. My reasons were as follows:
1.) I had just cleaned out my purse and DAMN I had a lot of paper scraps with random stuff written on them.
2.) With the baby shower(s) coming up (woo!), I wanted a place to keep track of who sent what. I am fairly anal (if not always completely timely) about the thank-you notes, so I wanted to have a central location to refer back to.
3.) My to-do lists always get lost before I cross anything off of them.

I got it and am thrilled. However, the over/under on me losing it is about 4 weeks. Betting is open.


Waiting in the car for my husband to get out of class:
0422 002

Can you spot the little red squeaky ball that he’s cuddling with?
0422 003


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